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Sexual health is mental health.


Sex therapy is therapy that incorporates goals related to your sexual health. This includes issues related to relationships, pain or discomfort, pleasure, sexual difficulty or dysfunction, desire, trauma, identity exploration, and much, much more.

I believe there is a unique type of healing and authenticity that comes from accepting our most vulnerable (and powerful) selves. This healing creates a ripple effect we can see in all the different areas of our lives. As your therapist, it is my goal to support you in accessing your authentic voice, and empower you in using it.

Through this lens, we can find ways to address sexual discomfort or pain, explore identity, unpack sexual shame, and navigate intimate relationships. This is a space where you can talk through some of these challenges and get support and fresh perspectives while meeting your sexual health goals.

Cost: $125/session. Sliding scale available.

Sex Therapy

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